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We  feature reviews and information on the range of treadmills by Livestrong Fitness. We also provide up to date information  on pricing and where to purchase a Livestrong treadmill. Check with us before you break the bank!

Livestrong offers a range of treadmill options designed to suit your fitness and budget requirements. All Livestrong treadmills are quite robust and functional, especially for the price. Built by one of the worlds best and biggest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world, Johnson Fitness, these treadmills offer a range of features and functions that make exercising on a Livestrong treadmill enjoyable and productive. There are better treadmills on the market but in this price range and including the features you get, we believe there isn’t much competition. Use our product overviews and specifications to help decide if a Livestrong treadmill is right for you.

Features of a Livestrong treadmill

The Livestrong treadmill range offers a gym-quality treadmill and running surface, while also having the ability to easily fold up to save space. The running platforms use Livestrong’s Maxcomfort cushioning system to minimize impact on the feet, knees, legs, and hips. This cushioning system can be adjusted from softer to firmer to best fit the users preferences. We at Livestrongtreadmill.com quite like this feature.

One of the best features of on these treadmills is Livestrong’s Livetrack Interactive Technology. With the Livetrack Fitness Journal you’ll be able to track and record your workouts so you can compare your workout progress overtime. This will allow you to better plan future workout programs and routines. You can also track and record your meal and snack intake, recorded as calories consumed and calories burned. We found Fitness journal to be very useful although WiFi connectivity should be considered for future models instead of the USB device used to transfer your data. We’re in 2013 now and we’ll soon be seeing Wifi in our toilets, why not in our treadmills? This feature exclusive to Livestrong treadmills and not available on any other brand.

touch screenLivestrong treadmills all have easy to use, precise displays and controls. The LS15.oT model comes with a glorious 10″ HD touch screen while some of the lower models still offer an 8.5″ or a 7.5″ , non touchscreen display, depending on which model you choose. A built-in speaker system with mp3 player compatibility. These speakers won’t trump your home stereo but they offer enough bang to drown out the the unavoidable “treadmill in use” sound with your favorite music or audio of your choosing. And of course if your working out indoors, you’ll be happy with the COOLfit cooling fan, it works as advertised. It blows air in your face.

Livestrong Treadmill Models

All models come with the features mentioned above. Additional features are included as you go up in the model range. Click model numbers for more info.

LS8.0T LS10.0T-2 LS13.0T-2 LS15.0T
ls8.0t2 ls10.0T ls13.ot ls15.0t

Purchasing a Livestrong Treadmill

We at Livestrongtreamill.com have gathered information on where you can buy a Livestrong treadmill and how much you can expect to pay. We also provide links to purchase a treadmill through Amazon.com. Amazon offers a safe and easy way to make a purchase and their prices on such items are generally WAY below Livestrong’s MSRP. They offer free shipping on Livestrong treadmills and often have used models that can be purchased at a lower price… to have a look, click below.

To checkout Livestrong’s treadmills at Amazon.com, click here

Assembling and Maintenance of a Livestrong Treadmill


Assembling these treadmills is fairly straight forward, it took use about half an hour. The box it comes in is very heavy. At least two people will have to bring this into the house. Some good advice would be to assemble the treadmill where you plan on leaving it because once its assembled its not he easiest thing to move. Before you use it you’ll have to lubricate the belt and its a good idea to every now and then give it some more lubricant. Keep up with that and the treadmill should remain problem free.

*About the Authors*

The “we” that is frequently referred on this website is a husband and wife team, and two-time Livestrong treadmill buyers. Before purchasing our first treadmill we were able to try out a few different models and brands and after some consideration we decided to go with a Livestrong treadmill, mainly because of the sturdy feel and abundance of features that weren’t offered by many others in their price range.  My wife and I are the happy owners of the LS15.0T model. We decided to splurge on the high end model mainly because of the gigantic touch screen and the extra long running platform, as one of us is 6’4 (not the wife) and has quite long legs. The extra inches sure do help as i noticed  when we assembled and ran the LS10.oT-2 model we purchased for my parents, replacing their 15 year old rickety model that they were afraid of.  We aren’t super fit athletes or 100 meter dash champions, but a couple of mid to late thirty somethings who like to keep active, even in the winter.


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